Projections of Memory

"Oh longing for places that we not cherished enough in that fleeting hour..."

"house of the lovely dark summers of my childhood"

"The house shelters day-dreaming 
The house protects the dreamer
The house allows one to dream in peace"

"And the old house
I feel its russet warmth
Comes from the senses to the mind"

"A house that stands in my heart
My cathedral of silence
Every morning recaptured in a dream
Every evening abandoned
A house covered with dawn
Open to the winds of my youth"

"The warm, calm nest
In which the bird sings
Recalls the songs, the charms
The pure threshold
Of my old home" 

The original family snapshots from my brother's and my childhood projected onto our old house, the barn we grew up and lived in until earlier this year, due to my parents separation.
The way i have projected these images that i cherish onto the house that i feel strong connections to and in particularly in relation to my childhood, show a distance i now feel to our home and a change in family relationships. Whilst portraying a desire to hold on to the place where childhood memories were constructed the project also concludes the childhood and the once united family i had.  

Quotes taken from Gaston Bachelard 'The Poetics of Space'